Back Channel Brewing is a destination brewery/taproom located on Lake Minnetonka, serving high quality small-batch beers. We brew across the board, with a special emphasis on Lagers, IPAs, and Imperial Stouts.



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Matt “Olie” Olson

Role at BCB:  Owner // Brewer
Source of inspiration:  To be a part of creating a place in the community with great beer and a relaxing atmosphere.
Favorite beer style:  I think there is something great about all styles of beer.  
Fav Craft Beer:  I lean towards APA's having a great aromatic character finished with a light sweetness for balance:  Dale's Pale Ale, Pseudo Sue, Rail King.
2 Fun Facts About You: 1. Love to be outside; camping, biking, kayaking, or whatever the wife wants to do.  2.  Nickname is Olie; no one calls me Matt except my Mom.

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Joe Meehan

Role at BCB: Owner // Operator
Source of inspiration: My Family
Favorite beer style: IPA
Fav Craft Beer: Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA
2 Fun Facts About You: I like to draw graphite portraits and I’m a fantasy baseball nerd.


Melissa Leddy

Role at BCB: Owner // Experience
Source of Inspiration: Lake Life, Travel and Acts of Kindness
Fav Beer Style: Depends on the season – but a hoppy, west coast style IPA or a really, really good barrel-aged sour
Fav Craft Beer: Toppling Goliath Morning Delight - Fair State/Modern Times Spirit Foul - Mikkeller Raspberry Blush
2 Fun Facts About You: I visited 50 breweries on a 14 day road trip from Seattle down to San Diego and I have David Bowie eyes.


Josh Leddy

Role at BCB: Owner // Operator
Source of Inspiration: The people I get to work with on a daily basis, and the entrepreneurial spirit of the craft beer industry.
Fav Beer Style: Fresh Hazies, Crisp Lagers, Thick Imperial Stouts, and Barrel Aged Sours
Fav Craft Beer: Toppling Goliath - Mornin’ Delight; Guilty Pleasure - Labatt Blue
2 Fun Facts About You: I have jumped off over a thousand different docks on Lake Minnetonka and hockey was my first passion.


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Marc Makarem

Role at BCB: Head Brewer
Source of inspiration: When I started brewing, my two sources of inspiration were Vinnie Cilurzo and the beers at Russian River Brewing Company & the book, Brew Like a Monk, by Stan Hieronymus.  From there, judging beers opened my eyes to a ton of styles I had never tried and the vast world of beer flavors I never knew existed. 
Favorite Beer Style: It changes frequently but I am always in the mood for an Imperial Stout.
Fav Craft Beer: Hoppy – Treehouse Doppelganger, Malty – Prairie Birthday Bomb, Sour – Wicked Weed Genesis or Indeed Wooden Soul #9, Light – Hacker Pschorr Weiss
2 Fun Facts About You: I'm a BJCP certified beer judge. At home I brew with my pug, Frida.